On December 11th, the second edition of the Crazywise seminar will take place in Rotterdam. Sociologists, psychiatrists, psychologists and people with lived experience will bring a complementary perspective on psychosis as it is treated and defined today. A special emphasis is put on the idea of wisdom in crazyness, sense in madness.
Decades of medical research on psychosis have given us a medical treatment that brings relief to many patients experiencing psychosis. For a considerable group of patients though, this remedy seems to be insufficient and a minority of (ex) patients seems to be able to lead stable and fulfilling lives, without the help of medication. The psychotic experience and psychiatric practice bring up questions to which scientific researchers are yet to find the answers.
Crazywise 2015 will offer a stage to speakers from Brazil, the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK and the US from a diverse range of fields: psychiatry, psychology, sociology, advocacy and lived experience. The seminar will explore new approaches and alternative treatment methods and aims to inspire new research and a more effective practice. It’s perspective is not to be considered antipsychiatric, but offers a platform to those who wish to look for additional explanations, nuance and solutions in an open minded and constructive dialogue.
Crazywise 2015 will welcome reknown speakers from diverse fields. The following speakers have already confirmed their presence (alphabetical order):
  • Catherine G Lucas – Founder of the Spiritual Crisis Network (UK) and therapist
  • Prof. Jim van Os – Reknown social psychiatrist specialised in psychosis and therapist
  • Prof. Marius Romme – Founder of the Hearing voices network and (current president of) Intervoice, former therapist and retired social psychiatrist known for his extensive and groundbreaking research on hearing voices
  • Phil Borges – Documentary film maker, currently working on the documentary film Crazywise on psychosis as it is experienced in traditional societies compared to the west
  • Dr. Sandra Escher – Key figure of the hearing voices movement, researcher of children hearing voices and of expertise by experience, trainer and former therapist
  • Sean Blackwell – Internet activist, developer of youtube videos on spiritual crisis, currently exploring experimental healing methods
  • Will Hall – Founding member of the Hearing Voices Network in the USA, radio presentor, therapist and activist
Dr. Jim van Os will preside the seminar.
This seminar is an initiative of mental health care professionals and people with lived experience which gratefully lent the name of a documentary film by Phil Borges on approaches to psychosis in different traditional cultures.
friday, December 11th